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Wedding photography, capturing those once in a lifetime moments can be both magical as well as stressful. That’s why we at Best Books For Creatives have put together a list of wedding photography books to help you learn and perfect the craft of capturing matrimonial memories.

To specialize in wedding photography requires a special skill. Not only do you need to pose and capture your subjects in the most flattering manner, but you also need to have a keen eye for background details. Especially when shooting on location.

With so many things to worry about like intermittent or outright bad weather, distracted or uncooperative subjects, not to mention the limited amount of time you have to get everything just right. Being a wedding photographer can be a very stressful profession.

In these books, you will find the tips, tricks and advice you need to become the best wedding photographer you can be. Learn from the experts and take your skills to the next level.



Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick for the best wedding photography book is Picture Perfect Practice: A Self-Training Guide to Mastering the Challenges of Taking World-Class Photographs by Roberto Valenzuela. Although not a dedicated wedding photography book, Valenzuela translates the chaos of the real world into breathtakingly simple, beautiful photographs. In Picture Perfect Practice, he breaks down the craft of photography into three key elements; location, pose and execution which you can use to capture amazing wedding photographs.

This book is a must-have for all wedding photographers regardless of skill level.

Here is our list of the best wedding photography books including our top pick.

If you know of any good wedding photography books that we’ve missed, please be sure to share them it in the comments below.

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