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Nobody knows the origins of knitting, but what we do know is that knitting is an art form that is practised today in every corner of the world and by every class of citizen. Knitting is one of the easiest and most economical ways to produce clothing, A basic human necessity to protect us against the elements. In modern times, knitting has become less of a necessity and more of a hobby practised by millions. After all, who doesn’t love a warm knitted scarf or a cosy knit sweater? 

Knitting is a great pastime you can perform just about anywhere. Knitting is also a great way to meet people. There are knitting groups and clubs in just about every community. Knit products are also coveted items at craft and artisan fairs where you can sell your creations to make an income. And of course, knit items make great gifts for friends and loved ones.

But how to start? To the untrained, turning a ball of yarn or wool into a beautiful garment can seem like a daunting task. But knitting veterans will tell you that it’s much easier than it looks. Sure some complicated techniques can be learned by those adventurous enough. But for the most part, you can create a wide variety of garments with just a few basic stitches.

A great way to learn how to knit is by following the instructions in knitting books. Knitting books for Beginners teach step by step instructions for novice knitters but can also be useful for more experienced knitters in sharpening their skills or remembering seldom-used techniques. They allow you to learn at your own pace as they teach you the basics of knitting from picking out your first needles to using the different stitches and techniques. You’ll also learn how to read knitting charts and patterns allowing you to take on any project.

If you’ve been thinking of giving knitting a try, there’s no better time than the present. We at Best Books For Creatives have put together our list of the best knitting for beginners books. We’re sure any one of these knitting books will help you get started in the right direction and ensure you enjoy this pleasant pastime.


Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick for the best knitting for beginners book is Knitting For Beginners: The A-Z Guide to Have You Knitting in 3 Days by Emma Brown. Brown has helped thousands of people turn their creative visions into reality through her bestselling books. She continues this great tradition with Knitting For Beginners

Knitting for Beginners is your all-in-one reference for novices to masters. Presented in an easy-to-understand manner with photos and diagrams, step-by-step instructions, and patterns and projects ready for you to make. You are sure to enjoy the many creations you will make by following this comprehensive guide by Emma Brown.

Here is our list of the best knitting for beginners books including our top pick.

If you know of any good beginner knitting books that we’ve missed, please be sure to share them in the comments below.

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