Best Scrapbooking Books For Beginners

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Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve and showcase your precious memories, and what better way to learn how to do it than through scrapbooking books aimed at beginner scrapbookers.

Face it, no matter how creative you are there will always be new ways, new tricks and new ideas for you to learn. Scrapbooking is an art form. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but there are many new things you could discover in scrapbooking books that you may never have thought of on your own. That’s why we here at Best Books For Creatives decided to put together this list of our top picks of scrapbooking books for beginners.

Whether you are preserving special family occasions, fond memories from a trip or honouring a departed loved one, scrapbooking is the perfect outlet. Scrapbooking is a great way to spend some quality alone time, or it can be a great way for groups friends to gather and socialize while sharing in their creativity.

If you’ve been thinking of giving scrapbooking a try, there’s no better time than the present. These scrapbooking books for beginners are sure to help you get started in the right direction and ensure you enjoy this wonderful pastime.


Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick for the best scrapbooking book for beginners is Creating Keepsakes: Scrapbooking Tips & Techniques, Book 2 published by Leisure Arts Inc. Filled with tips and tricks for every level of scrapbooker, this book is perfect for those just getting into this space. Learn how to create stunning effects without taking too much time or breaking the bank. With over 1000 inspiring ideas this book won’t have time to gather dust on your shelf.

Here is our list of the best scrapbooking books for beginners including our top pick.

If you know of any good scrapbooking books aimed at beginner scrapbookers that we’ve missed, please be sure to share it in the comments below.

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