Best Books on How To Draw Hands

Aug 17, 2018 | Illustration | 0 comments

How hard is it to draw hands? Ask any artist and they will tell you that one of the hardest parts of illustrating the human body is drawing hands. With so many joints and possible positions, it’s no wonder hands are the bane of many artists. You could draw the perfect figure but if you get the hands wrong the illustration will haunt you.

But fret nought, we here at Best Books For Creatives have put together our list of the best books to teach you how to draw hands.

Whether you’re new to illustration or you’re an experienced artist there’s sure to be something you can learn from these books to add character to your character’s hands.

Don’t let the thought of drawing hands scare you. It’s just a small step on your way to creating your next masterpiece.


Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick for the best book on drawing hands is Drawing Dynamic Hands by Burne Hogarth. This book is the most comprehensive book ever published on drawing hands. It covers things like proportions, gestures, foreshortening and hands at different ages plus a whole lot more. Drawing Dynamic Hands is the essential how-to-draw hands book and should be a part of every illustrator’s reference library.

Here is our list of the best books to teach you how to draw hands.

If you know of any good books on drawing hands that we’ve missed, please be sure to share it in the comments below.

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